ENERGY! ‘Bits’ of Food Straight from Mother Nature

ENERGYbitslogoThis review is far overdue, but I would still like to share my experience and thoughts on this product. When I was first contacted by ENERGYbits®, I was a little bit skeptical, like many others who probably hadn’t/haven’t heard about algae as a benefit to health and athletic performance. Immediately I did some research and read the information I was provided from the company. What I found was pretty new to me, but I was excited to learn more.

— ENERGYbits® are 100% one ingredient: spirulina algae, a nitrogen based algae that opens up blood vessels and provides the brain and muscles with a steady stream of oxygen and nourishment.
— ENERGYbits® are 100% natural, organic, and gluten free.
— ENERGYbits® have the highest concentration of protein (64%) compared to any other source, which is 100% bioavailable. This means the body can instantly digest and absorb 100% of the protein, unlike other protein sources, where only a portion of the protein is actually absorbed by the body.
— ENERGYbits® contain 40 vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, omega 3, and electrolytes.

As for my experience using ENERGYbits®

After consuming my samples on two separate occasions before training sessions, I couldn’t really form a conclusive opinion on what the ENERGYbits® were able to provide me. I could say that I felt increased energy, but at that point I didn’t want to form an opinion based on what I was told the benefits are and how I would feel. But I was really interested in trying them again!

Once I started taking my bits before training sessions for a longer period of time, I really started to notice a difference in how I felt. I notice a difference in my energy levels throughout long training sessions, and I also notice that the bits are able to curb my hunger for just a little while longer while I am training and cannot necessarily consume other foods. Additionally, I notice a positive effect when taking a handful of bits after a long working day and heading straight to practice, or any time I feel I need increased energy and mental focus. What I really enjoy is that ENERGYbits® cause no stomach distress, something that is a big concern for me as an athlete. I can take them at any time, before or during practices, with no concern over how my stomach will be affected.


  • What stuck in my mind most was that ENERGYbits® are a FOOD, because they are only one ingredient: 100% algae. Therefore, no banned substances.  ENERGYbitsphoto
  • Improve vitality, mental alertness, and energy levels.
  • Eliminate fatigue.
  • Reduce inflammation and speed recovery.
  • Steady stream of energy.
  • No side effects: no stomach distress.


  • Serving size. It is recommended to consume 20-30 bits at a time, and suggested to take even more if desired. Just the sheer number to consume at one time seemed like a lot, but really, they are bits of food, just like nuts!
  • The smell isn’t pleasant. They actually smell like fish food to me, but when swallowed with water, you can’t taste a thing. You can chew them, but I’m not about to try.
  • The cost is a little steep at $115 for a bag containing 1000 bits. Now, if you’re already spending a great deal of money on other vitamins and supplements, then this isn’t too bad considering you won’t need those anymore. And, by using the Promo Code “Montcalm” at checkout, you get a 30% discount!

Final thoughts

Not only can you take ENERGYbits® before a training session or a run: Just feeling tired? Or need a little boost in the afternoon? ENERGYbits® are a great option for increasing energy levels and mental alertness throughout the day. Need something to hold you over before your next meal? Grab a handful of ENERGYbits® for a quick high protein snack. Increase your energy and mental alertness the natural way: with 100% algae and ENERGYbits®. 

If you’d like to give ENERGYbits® a try and fuel your performance naturally, contact me for samples!

Ebitspoweredbybits           IMG_1887[1]

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  1. I’d like to try a sample!

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