2014 Indoor Review

Just as the Indoor Season always seems to go, I will make this blog the same: short.

Since my 2013 season was quite the long one, I got off to a late start for the indoor season. When I would normally begin my base training early to mid September, I did not get back in my training shoes until after Thanksgiving! Although later than in past years, I was in need of my time off, as both physically and mentally I was drained from the season I just had. But, as usual, I was ready to get back into things!

The indoor season moved along quite quickly, and before I knew it, the New Year had arrived and I was ready to compete! In January, I ran my first 600m race in Windsor, and was confident with the result and where my fitness was at this point. At the same meet, I also teamed up with three other Lancer Alums (Melissa Bishop, Nicole Sassine, and Heather Kurpe) for a 4x400m relay. It was a lot of fun to run with these girls again! Check out some of my other indoor races.

IMG_1743 IMG_1819 CanAm2014

At the beginning of February, I took a break from indoor training and headed west to Phoenix, Arizona to train in the sun. This was part of a training camp with Athletics Canada and for me it come at a pretty good time as I was in need of a little mental getaway, and winter break. I was so excited to get over some hurdles and ended up having some really great hurdle practices. Although able to do some things indoors, it is difficult to train for the 400m hurdles on a 200m indoor track, so getting outside was a great opportunity.

I came home refreshed and really excited to start the outdoor season. However, I first had a 300m indoor hurdle race as part of my transition from indoors to outdoors. I raced this event last year and found it a lot of fun and a great transition race. Although I ran pretty much the same time as I did last year, I ran the race a lot differently. That is the funny thing with the intermediate hurdles race: you can run a completely different pattern from one race to the next, yet still run a relatively similar time! It’s a crazy beast, the 400m hurdles, and I love the challenge it brings each time I step on the track.

Now that the indoor competitive season is over, and the snow continues to fall in Windsor, I have begun my spring training down in Gainesville, Florida! Stay tuned for my updates from the south, as I ready myself for outdoor competition!


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