Support Team

There are many people, who without, I would not have achieved the success I have to date:  it’s a team effort! I am so thankful for the many people who continue to support and encourage me every day – starting with my coach and family.

I am currently training full-time:  six days a week, two to four hours per day.  In addition to training on the track and in the weight room, I also spend a large part of my time ensuring I remain healthy. This includes active recovery on my own, as well as receiving treatment from my support team:

Sports Therapy:  Dave Stoute
Chiropractic:  Steve Radovich
Massage Therapy:  Joanne Rothery
Physiotherapy:  Mary Brannagan

I am also fortunate to be an Athlete Ambassador for Infinit NutritionENERGYbits, and CEP Compression Canadawith products that power me through training sessions, keep me energized, and facilitate my recovery!

There are countless people who have provided financial support and have helped me with the many costs associated with being a full-time athlete:

  • Club membership & coaching fees
  • Competition fees (travel, accommodation, meet entry fees)
  • Training camps
  • Training & competition shoes/gear
  • Sports therapy/massage/chiropractic
  • Nutrition
  • Living expenses

If you would like to contribute to my journey, please visit my Fundraising page!  Even small donations make a huge difference, and every contributor is part of the larger goal!

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